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Audit Team Applications

Are you looking to get a glimpse at what an audit is like? The DAA’s 2016 Audit Team may be for you!
The Audit Team is a team of 4-6 DAA members who will be selected to perform a pre-planned mock audit of the DAA’s income statement over the course of a few meetings in late March and early April. This is a chance to learn about the basics of auditing, hear about real-life audit experiences, and apply newly gained audit knowledge to real dollar figures from the DAA books after the DAA’s year-end. No audit related experience is required.
This opportunity is open to Level II and III Commerce students, and will cover applications of basic auditing concepts like understanding the business, materiality, control testing, and more. Please note, that if you have been a member of the audit team in the past, you are not eligible to participate this year.
To apply, please click here and complete the form. All applications are due on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.