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Week in Review

Happy Monday! The DAA had quite a full schedule with events last week. For those following up for the promised materials, or those who were unable to attend either event, please find them throughout the event reviews. 


The first event of the week was the Annual General Meeting & Mixer event at the TwelvEighty Bar & Grill. An exciting component of the event was the unveiling of the teams to represent DeGroote at FPC 2015. In addition, attendees received a complete overview of the many events to be held this term and were the first to be introduced to the application timeline for next year’s DAA executive team. Please click here for details.

The event closed with an energetic mixer. We were privileged to have the Director of the MBA program, Susan McCracken, present to converse with members. The AGM presentation can be viewed here.


Organized in collaboration with KPMG, DAA hosted its first CPA Student Pathways Q&A. Led by Staff Accountants, Alexandra Stawecka-Lacina and Justin Vanderee, members gained insight about the three various CPA student pathways to aid in their post-undergraduate decision. Photographs from the event may be viewed here.

The morning of the CPA Student Pathways Q&A, PwC came to campus as part of its Coffee Connect campaign. Students had the opportunity to network with Campus Talent Acquisition Specialist, Nidhi Bhasin and Ryan Taylor for the morning. 

Thank you for the tremendous turn out at both DAA events held last week. We look forward to seeing you at our Big 4 Leadership Conferences Roundtable in February!

Enjoy your week,

Julie Ling