Before the Event

1. Must know the names of each firm that will be present.

2. Must research information about each firm that will be present.

  • This can include: services, industries, application deadline, recruitment process, student programs (i.e. case competitions, scholarships, leadership conferences), firm values, interesting firm facts, and specific recruiter names if available.

3. Must prepare questions you wish you learn about firms that cannot be found on their website.

4. Must have your LinkedIn profile is updated and complete as it is highly likely that post-CPA Night, recruiters and the firm representatives from CPA Night will be browsing your profile.

5. Create your personal business card - For specific instructions, visit CBCD and or the Underground printing service in the McMaster University Student Centre.

6. Keep up to date with each firm’s campus Twitter accounts.

7. Ensure that you have business formal attire. Please see the “Dressing Business Formal” section under the Business Dress Codes webpage.

During the Event

1. To enter into a conversation, wait patiently for the firm representative to invite you.

  • Once invited, introduce yourself to the firm representative and each person present in the conversation, as this is a sign of respect.
  • It is frowned upon to dominate a group conversation, allow all to have a chance to speak.
  • It is also frowned upon to speak and stick to only one recruiter or firm representative for the entire event.

2. To start a conversation, take initiative of introducing yourself and starting the conversation. This exudes confidence and interest.

  • Despite the comfort of arriving and travelling with friends throughout the event, it is encouraged that you network independently at your own pace and focus on conversing with firm representatives.
  • Focus on having quality conversations as opposed to targeting quantity.

3. To exit a conversation, thank the firm representative for their time; this is the time where you may politely ask to exchange business cards (if you have created them) or to ask for the representative’s business card so that you can connect afterwards.

  • This shows that you understand the purpose of developing professional relationships. Do not distribute business cards without a purpose/freely.

4. Maintain professional composure throughout the entire duration of the night, even when encountering friends.

5. Focus on getting to know the firm representative you are speaking to, as they are here to get to know you—share things, such as experiences, that make you stand out.

After the Event

1. Within the first 24 hours, send thank you emails to each firm representative that you connected with.

  • The email’s subject line shall read: "CPA Night 2014 McMaster University", reason being that these firm representatives have been on tour at several universities previously.
  • Mention a noteworthy or unique portion of the conversation that you had in the email to help the representative recall who you are.
  • Do not be discouraged if the firm representative was unable to reply to your thank you email.

2. Connect with the firm representatives that you conversed with on LinkedIn.

  • An additional thank you message or a personalized message should be written as part of your invitation to connect.

For further advice on business career development, please visit the CBCD course module on Avenue to Learn, or the CBCD office in DSB 112 for additional resources and services.