Dressing Business Formal


  • All garments must be clean and ironed
  • Avoid strong perfume or cologne
  • Pay attention to hygiene



1. The suit will consist of a pant and jacket worn with an ironed dress shirt and a tie.

  • Attach a tie clip for your tie

2. Pocket squares shall complement the tie; this is optional

3. Formal dress shoes are the only appropriate footwear

  • Dress socks must be worn
  • White colours must absolutely be avoided

4. Hair must be well groomed

5. Accessories may include items such as a watch and belt

  • All together, they shall complement one another



1. Suit includes a matching blazer with pants, skirt or work-appropriate dress

  • Skirt hem must meet at the knees or below them
  • Neutral colour pantyhose must accompany skirts and dresses

2. Blouses or dress shirts may be worn with the blazer, this does not need to be the same colour as the suit

  • Necklines must be conservative
  • Sheer tops are not permitted

3. Appropriate footwear include conservative flats or conservative high heels

  • Heel height may not exceed three inches
  • High heels may not be of the stiletto variety
  • Footwear in the colours black, beige, nude or brown are acceptable
  • Avoid flashy and colourful shoes for this occasion

4. Accessories should be minimal, and if worn, commit to gold coloured or silver coloured jewelry (watches, bracelets and necklaces)

  • Some statement necklaces may be appropriate

5. Hair shall be neat and tamed

  • Suggested styles include straightened; soft, loose waves; and ballerina bun

6. Nails shall be well manicured, either painted or clean

  • Nail polish colours may include clear, pale pink, or light nude